Desktop Transmission SUNRIDER says: Jan 6, 2005 20:57 GMT is a another photographic portfolio. Not much of a website in terms of design some might say, but if you spent some time going though the photos you might find some gems in there. I mostly enjoyed the "Cars / Transportation. Landscapes - People" section.

[ link by torsten ]
Desktop Transmission NAX says: Jan 5, 2005 14:54 GMT
I received this by e-mail and can not confirm its authenticity.

Please take a look at this picture of this 2 year old boy rescued after the Tsunami. If you do not know him, please forward his pictures to your friends or organization in your country for further publication.

This boy is about 2 years old. Found and taken from Khao Lak Resort Area,the southern part of Thailand. His parents are missing.

His nationality cannot be identified.

Please contact Dr. Anuroj Tharasiriroj of Phuket International Hospital by calling +66 76 249-400
Desktop Transmission CMD says: Jan 5, 2005 14:08 GMT
Digitally Branded
New Portfolio site including Free Fonts and Photoshop Brushes for Download.
Desktop Transmission CMD says: Jan 5, 2005 14:05 GMT
Prestige Properties
If you're looking for a prestigious place to live in, you'll find it here. Mallorca is waiting...
Desktop Transmission CMD says: Jan 5, 2005 13:59 GMT
Portfolio in the Freezer?
18 year old student from Finland, Juha Lindstedt, shows off his skills on
Desktop Transmission CMD says: Jan 5, 2005 13:54 GMT
Visual Uprise
Desktop Transmission CHANKI says: Jan 5, 2005 08:23 GMT
Soleil Noir

What a nice site. Really smooth movement, cool coding, and with a really nice portfolio. Hope you like it too.
Desktop Transmission CMD says: Jan 3, 2005 07:41 GMT
Happy New Year!

I really hope 2005 will bring peace on a global scale. Wishful thinking I know... Alas we must hope for the best. No more global catastrophes, and no more losses.

And to kick off 2005, check this interesting article I found on Wired, do you really think animals have a Sixth Sense? If yes, why don't we?
Desktop Transmission NAX says: Dec 29, 2004 06:49 GMT
Damn, the QRIO would have made a nice Christmas present. It costs the same as a small car but isn't a robot that can recognise your face worth it?
Desktop Transmission SUNRIDER says: Dec 28, 2004 18:01 GMT
This is absolutely mindbending. You liked it ? Cast your vote for it at FWA Site Of The Year votting.NOW PEOPLE !
Desktop Transmission NAX says: Dec 23, 2004 16:25 GMT
Leaving the office now - tired and still have a lot of shopping to do. Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (if we don't speak again till then.)

Let's remember that it's not all about buying stuff and look forward to spending some quality time with friends and family.

Kala Xristougenna

PS: CMD I've been trying to reach you for ages! Message me dude. :)
Desktop Transmission CMD says: Dec 23, 2004 13:56 GMT
Just finished a mini update on our XML feed.
I added a few more bits of information for better viewing. Now it should work great on all RSS parsers, including NewsGator, which btw rocks!
Desktop Transmission CHANKI says: Dec 22, 2004 23:51 GMT
Flip along Thailand with Kura

I don't how many members or visitors of this site can speak and read Japanese but this site looks awesome. I really like it. I hope you do too.
Desktop Transmission NAX says: Dec 17, 2004 13:02 GMT
Smoking is stupid.
Desktop Transmission CMD says: Dec 15, 2004 08:07 GMT
The PodFolio site (posted earlier by CHANKI) only makes Wired's article on George Masters homemade ad for Apple iPod a stronger case for the term "Happy Customers"...
Desktop Transmission NAX says: Dec 15, 2004 07:39 GMT
Preloaded does a really neat little Flash video for band Evil Nine.